Cost is a game about what can you risk

Every action has a cost, namely, in your life force.

Fortitude is the character's resolve to continue fighting, every attack and every hit causes Fortitude to drop. However, Beating a round causes your Fortitude to be restored. When your Fortitude hits zero, you're dead.

The player also has access to Espers, which are the spirits of those they defeat. Espers can be used to purchase new abilities during the Respite rooms, but some abilities also use Espers to do beneficial effects, such as healing.

Game Jam Theme: Dual Purpose

The core concept of this game is the Abilities Cost HP, which was inspired by the DOOM example. Instead of charging forwards with a gun, the player would have to sacrifice their HP in order to keep playing.

The Fortitude bar is the focus of this. It acts as both a life pool, and a stamina bar, allowing the player to attack, but risking more damage taken for more damage dealt.

The Esper Counter, has a similar element. Espers are needed to level up abilities, however they can also be used to restore Fortitude, or possibly save your life when using certain abilities.

Finally, Killing Enemies both lessens the damage recieved, and restores lost Fortitude


This version runs on windows PC, or HTLM5 Browsers.

Time ran out for a mobile friendly UI however

Third Party Resources:

Unity3d game engine

Celexa Font:

Github, GitKraken, OneDrive, Dropbox, Discord


FrameWork, CynicalMonkey
Gameplay & Art, RealoFoxtrot
Early Code, Lokkij
With Thanks to the Cool Ghost Discord Community for encouragement

Published Jul 17, 2017
Made withUnity