A downloadable RealoFoxtrot for Windows

ELA is a vertical slice for a new Adventure Game.

More Information coming soon

Published 27 days ago

Install instructions

Download both files, use 7zip (or any programme which can open split archives) to combine together.

This is a temporary measure while the game project comes together


ELAItchIo.zip.001 1,000 MB
ELAItchIo.zip.002 969 MB


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Error message on attempt to export:

Unexpected end of archive

File is corrupt

Did you download both files and use something which can repackage split zips like 7 zip?

No, but if that's required then I'd highly suggest contacting itch for more upload space and packaging a single .zip file for the convenience of the majority of users. I can imagine that would otherwise be a deterrent to trying out your game.

Yeah, I am currently trying to convince them of it. If you ever make a game yourself, I highly suggest not to use paragon Assets if you're planning on sharing the vertical slice